Reiki Treatments #01


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'life force energy' and a Reiki treatment is the channelling of this energy through a practitioner to the client.

Reiki can help anyone from people with anxiety and stress, to those who just cannot slow down or those in pain. The effects of Reiki are limitless; from boosting our energy levels and achieving our goals to aiding healing whether it is on the physical, mental or spiritual planes.

Reiki energy is ever flowing through all things but it is only in the last 100 years we have rediscovered how to use Reiki energy. One of the key aspects of Reiki is the ability to give deep level relaxation, and it is on this level our own natural sense of balance and purpose can be restored and where healing begins. A 'healing' is a step on the way to health, or 'wholeness' and wellbeing; the steps on the way can be either small, or monumentally large.

How Does it Work?

A Reiki session is conducted with the client (normally) laying down and fully clothed and the practitioner working through a sequence of hand positions, gently touching, or nearly touching, each particular point. Extra hand positions for targeted channelling are added if deemed necessary, dependant on the needs of each particular client. I will often find areas that need additional treatment to provide extra support in the healing process.

What Will I Feel?

People experience Reiki in many different ways. Feeling the warmth of healing hands is a common experience; some feel very relaxed; some may have instant pain relief; some feel a sense of wellbeing; of setting cares aside and enjoying the moment; some enjoy the sensation of seeing bright colours and receiving impressions of what is to be done; some awake with a greater sense of purpose and clarity.

The only perceived 'down side' is that Reiki can occasionally cause suppressed memories to come to the surface of our consciousness, and these memories can sometimes be disturbing. BUT, in bringing these memories to the fore, Reiki is setting the stage for a healing experience as these suppressed memories cause blocks in our energy flow which hold us back from reaching our full potential or affect our health. These memories have to be acknowledged and cleared and Reiki will act as a support for this process.

Why Do I Need Healing?

We all carry these blockages to some extent. Everyone of us gather these experiences on life's journey and it is good practice in each individual to receive regular healing. Reiki is an excellent way of receiving an energy spring-clean and restore balance.

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